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*starts singing 'I want to live forever!'* Okay, okay, I'll stop the silliness...for now.

I was planning on talking about Balance today, but I've had a personal emergency that requires some Feng Shuiing. So, I'm going to blog today about the fiery Fame Gua. This gua or area is located in the South and it's element is Fire. Simply put, the Fame gua has to do with Y-O-U and how the world perceives you whether it's positive or negative. The Fame gua is more than just making you feel "famous". The gua is all about your reputation and how you are known to others. People say nice things about you...they general think nice things about you. People say bad things about you...they generally hate your guts. I am remedying my Fame gua by using Feng Shui in my home because 1) my home is where I feel most secure, 2) because my work is in a communal space that would be difficult for me to place cures without alot of explanation and eyebrow raising and 3) I have to literally use fire so I need to control the area so has not to create a hazard.

Fire used in this area should be represented by a singular flame. The flame represents you. I do this by setting one candle up in the South and burn it at least 3 hours a day. Why at least 3 hours? 3 hours is used as a guide to raise the level of Fire element for this area. Ideally, it should burn all day all night 24/7 until the offending situation passes, but realistically, 3 hours is enough time for most people to gain the benefit of this cure. I've also added a potted plant (my happy pothos) to the same area. Plants are considered Wood element and we all know Wood feeds Fire. This is how I compensate not having a fire burning 24/7. Lastly, I added a lamp. Light is considered Fire element too. One candle, one plant and one lamp. I was careful to inspect all the items that I am using to make sure I like the smell of the candle, the plant is healthy and the light is not broken. I'm very confident that this will work and the problem will stop.

Fame is not a friend of Water. Lots of people hang mirrors over fireplaces all the time. This is great for aesthetics and bouncing light around the room, but it's not very good Feng Shui if your fireplace happens to be located in the South. The same holds true when you are placing a swimming pool in the backyard--a very permanent structure. Too much water in your South will never be your friend.

Currently, I have a neighbor who has constructed a pond on the S/SW side of his yard. He's having ALOT of problems with his neighbor. They've become enemies. The neighbor, even though he loves his house, now wants to sell his house and move away. I've mentioned Feng Shuiing his home, but haven't heard anything yet.


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May. 8th, 2008 04:14 am (UTC)
I wanted to make a quick update on this and let you know that within 3 days of raising serious Fire power in my South gua my issues a work have done a huge turnaround and things have completely calmed down. Hail to the power of Feng Shui. I've been burning the candle on and off for the last couple of weeks just for good measure. Yay!
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