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The Proof Factor

The one off non-believer always seems to be the one who wants me to fix their house the most.

'I don't believe in anything you do or say, but if I did how can I get more money? improve my love life? get a new job?'
etc. etc. etc.

This used to puzzle me. Why, if they think Feng Shui is a bunch of rubbish, would they still want to know what they could do to create more prosperity in their lives? The best thing about Feng Shui is you don't have to believe in it's principles for it to work.

I've done many consultations for people who I've run into later and they say.

'Nothing has changed. If anything it's worse now. Can you come back and do it again?'

In many cases I've remembered their situation and a few of the suggestions I made to them and 9 times out of 10 they haven't made any of the changes I suggested. Folks, Feng Shui takes work, but the result is always better if you do it yourself. My job is to suggest and guide. I guide using a lo shu compass, natural elements, color, numerology and good ole intuition.

So, my non-believer of the day told me that Feng Shui was a bunch of rubbish, followed by a friendly roll of the eyes and a chuckle. She expressed her disbelief while I was remarking to someone else how well she had done in clearing out her space and making it feel more comfortable. I made a few more suggestions before being interrupted. Since I knew what the non-believer's space looked like I mentioned a few reasons why I thought she should change a few things in her area. Then she asked about her house and I made another suggestion. She then gave me a smile and said that she absolutely loved her house and doesn't have any problems. Which is great. Everyone should love the home they live in. Later she tracked me down to ask more questions. I then told her to talk to me when she started to feel that she was overindulging or spending too much money. I must have hit a nerve because this happens to be her problem at the moment. I'll be working on her office space on Monday morning.

The point that I'm making is it doesn't matter to me if you believe or don't believe because it's not an issue of belief. It just is like the sky is blue, the grass is green and I whistle poorly. It just is.

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