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Spring is here!

I just smile when I think of Spring. It makes me so happy knowing that I can finally shake off the cold and this odd feeling of hibernation I've had all Winter. This was my first Winter in Oregon after moving up here last Summer and I'm finally starting to feel settled. Settled is good, but I also need to get moving if you know what I mean. With that being said, I've decided that I'll talk about good ole Spring Cleaning! Yay! ....Oh no. I've heard more groans than yays. Why is Spring Cleaning so difficult for so many of us? Why do we think of it as a chore?

I think if we all approach it differently we'll see how vital a good Spring Cleaning done every year really means. When you apply Feng Shui to Spring Cleaning big changes can happen to your life...good changes. Trust me on this. I think when we ignore purging our old unused things, we really do ourselves a disservice. When we don't stir the energy in our living space and organize our clutter, our lives remain in a perpetual loop that never goes anywhere. If the clutter is severe, our lives and our minds become rather chaotic.

If you've read this far I'm sure you're asking, 'So where do I start?' My answer to that is to pick two places in your house; one being the place you absolutely do NOT want to organize and the other being a very easy place to organize. Examples being-I absolutely do NOT want to organize the shed,  the junk drawer in the kitchen next to the refrigerator would be pretty easy for me to get organized. I absolutely do NOT want to organize the pantry, but one of the bathroom drawers would be a very easy thing for me to organize.

I would pay very close attention to the place in your house that you absolutely do NOT want to organize or that you find would be a daunting challenge for you. It's probably the very area in your life that is causing you the largest level of stagnation. Remember the whole perpetual loop thing I was talking about?

My shed is situated in the North. The Northern area in Feng Shui is ones Career and/or Life's Purpose. The element for this area is Water. I have a large wooden structure there full of my boyfriend's stuff. Cleaning and organizing this space is going to be quite a challenge for me because it's my boyfriend's. Another place I have a little control over is my son's bedroom, also situated in the North. His room is always a mess. It takes alot of coaxing for me to stay on my son to keep his room tidy. It's no wonder that I am currently struggling with my Career goals and my Life's Purpose. If I continue looking at what lies in the North, we have a dilapidated wooden deck attached to the shed that we never use and my bunny's wooden cage is there. Animals are considered Fire element. I have absolutely no water element represented in my Career gua. I have used color in my son's room to represent water by painted it a deep color of blue, but color should be used primarily to enhance Feng Shui. The element itself is the best usage.

Okay, back to spring cleaning. Start slow on the place that you do not want to organize. Extreme changes can cause a lot of things to happen in your life all at once. This may not be something you want. Purge and declutter at your pace. Tackling the easier area will give you a huge sense of satisfaction so you don't get discouraged about the larger task. Put on some tunes, get in there, declutter and have fun!

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