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June 20th, 2008


I’ve been kicking around this topic in my head for a couple of months now and I think it’s time to talk about it.

Losing weight with Feng Shui.

I know it’s sitting out there with some puzzled looks, but a lot of people are starting to ask me about it. ‘I’m happy with my life, but I really wish I could lose some weight. How do you do that with Feng Shui?’

Personally, I think the Health Gua is the most important Gua to activate, but when I started placing intentions myself (since I always practice what I preach!) I felt like something was missing. From my own experience, motivation and drive has always been hard for me to keep going when it came to losing weight. I also felt like I didn’t know what I should do first or how to do it. Okay…so knowing that, motivation and drive lines up with one’s life purpose which is the Career Gua. Knowing what to do is easy…that’s the Knowledge Gua. I also believed that one must love one’s self to obtain a healthy body so I threw the Love and Marriage Gua in there.

After adding three more guas to the mix, I started noticing a pattern. Oh dear! Could it be that all the guas need to be activated to lose weight??? I’m afraid so. Wealth and Prosperity is not always about money. Most people were at their healthiest when they were young so yes, the Children and Creativity (cross training would go here too and keep things new) gua goes in the mix too. There’s a lot of diet and weight loss programs out there that have support groups to help encourage you along so yes, the Family Gua and the Helpful People and Travel gua fits.

How you perceive yourself and how others perceive you would include the Fame gua and this one made me cringe a little. Our society and our nature as humans prefer healthy people. People who have healthy bodies that are appealing inside and out tend to be approached in a more positive outlook over unhealthy ones. Sadly, it was too logical to dispute.

I thought that this exercise would also help anyone who is having health issues in general; physical and mental. People who are ailing find comfort in their “stuff” and surround themselves in clutter for security.

Just like an explosion which starts from a center of impact and chain reacts to expand outward, that’s really how I would approach a Health issue. I’d start from the center and steadily work myself out going around all the guas equally until I finish the entire house. This includes the yard too if you have one. Healthy house=Healthy body and mind.

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