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Okay I'm back to one of my favorite and most ignored principle of Feng Shui....Balance! Taking all guas into consideration, if you activate one gua and not the one directly across from it you get a teeter-totter effect where nothing is on the other side to help keep the fun going. Do you remember when we were kids and it was all fun and games on the teeter-totter until someone jumped off unexpectedly? Aaaaaaaaargh! Ouch!
For example, if you increase the energy level in your Wealth and Prosperity gua, but completely ignore the Travel and Helpful People gua, you'll have all the capacity and drive for money success, but little to no support or movement forward. If you increase the energy level in your Love and Marriage gua, but completely ignore the Knowledge gua, you'll have lots of opportunities, but you may be overlooked simply because you weren't working on the right wavelength and emitting the right love energy for the love you want. These are two big examples of why people try Feng Shui and wonder why it's not working for them. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. As this blog continues, I will go deeper into the complexities of a well oiled Feng Shui'd house and show you why Balance is so important to me.

Okay so freebie time-Everyone wants more money right? So let's test out my Balance technique. The Wealth and Prosperity gua is located in the SouthEast area of your home (office, boat, treehouse...etc.). This gua is governed by the Wood element. Any healthy wood object will do. You could make this area your library/reading nook and add good (happy) books here. Whatever you do pick something you love. I like happy houseplants because they grow just like I like my money to grow. Make sure if you do pick a plant that you give it the right amount of water, sun and nutrients just like you want to take good care of your money. Okay so happy plant in the SE. I have an elephant ear plant AND a fountain that runs 24/7. Water feeds Wood so I'm using what's called the Creation Process (we'll talk about the Destruction Process in more depth another day). I love the running water. It's soothing to me and I believe running splashy water is very Yang. It's active and makes a big impact; exactly what I want in my Wealth and Prosperity gua. Do NOT burn candles here. No Fire element. See that image of greenbacks being burned up....yeah, it's like that with your money.

Moving diagonally across your house you'll be in the NorthWest. This gua is called the Travel and Helpful People gua and the element is Metal. This is one of my more difficult guas and it makes sense that I have a hard time allowing or getting people to help me or finding the right people for what I need. Wouldn't you just love it if every time you needed help someone was right there? Okay so add any kind of metal object(s) to this area; a jewelry box, a wrought iron table, a birdcage, etc. Make sure you pick something you love and it's not broken or rusty. I decided to use the backyard to energize my NW gua and plant a garden using the Creation Process again. Earth feeds Metal. I plan to be very careful as my garden grows because Wood eats Earth (that's part of the Destruction Process-get it?). I also added a large border of light gray gravel (stone...Earth!) around the garden box and put a low metal fence around the edge (to keep the cats out and add metal).

Try my method and just see. It's already working for me...


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