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I’ve been kicking around this topic in my head for a couple of months now and I think it’s time to talk about it.

Losing weight with Feng Shui.

I know it’s sitting out there with some puzzled looks, but a lot of people are starting to ask me about it. ‘I’m happy with my life, but I really wish I could lose some weight. How do you do that with Feng Shui?’

Personally, I think the Health Gua is the most important Gua to activate, but when I started placing intentions myself (since I always practice what I preach!) I felt like something was missing. From my own experience, motivation and drive has always been hard for me to keep going when it came to losing weight. I also felt like I didn’t know what I should do first or how to do it. Okay…so knowing that, motivation and drive lines up with one’s life purpose which is the Career Gua. Knowing what to do is easy…that’s the Knowledge Gua. I also believed that one must love one’s self to obtain a healthy body so I threw the Love and Marriage Gua in there.

After adding three more guas to the mix, I started noticing a pattern. Oh dear! Could it be that all the guas need to be activated to lose weight??? I’m afraid so. Wealth and Prosperity is not always about money. Most people were at their healthiest when they were young so yes, the Children and Creativity (cross training would go here too and keep things new) gua goes in the mix too. There’s a lot of diet and weight loss programs out there that have support groups to help encourage you along so yes, the Family Gua and the Helpful People and Travel gua fits.

How you perceive yourself and how others perceive you would include the Fame gua and this one made me cringe a little. Our society and our nature as humans prefer healthy people. People who have healthy bodies that are appealing inside and out tend to be approached in a more positive outlook over unhealthy ones. Sadly, it was too logical to dispute.

I thought that this exercise would also help anyone who is having health issues in general; physical and mental. People who are ailing find comfort in their “stuff” and surround themselves in clutter for security.

Just like an explosion which starts from a center of impact and chain reacts to expand outward, that’s really how I would approach a Health issue. I’d start from the center and steadily work myself out going around all the guas equally until I finish the entire house. This includes the yard too if you have one. Healthy house=Healthy body and mind.

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Okay I'm back to one of my favorite and most ignored principle of Feng Shui....Balance! Taking all guas into consideration, if you activate one gua and not the one directly across from it you get a teeter-totter effect where nothing is on the other side to help keep the fun going. Do you remember when we were kids and it was all fun and games on the teeter-totter until someone jumped off unexpectedly? Aaaaaaaaargh! Ouch!
For example, if you increase the energy level in your Wealth and Prosperity gua, but completely ignore the Travel and Helpful People gua, you'll have all the capacity and drive for money success, but little to no support or movement forward. If you increase the energy level in your Love and Marriage gua, but completely ignore the Knowledge gua, you'll have lots of opportunities, but you may be overlooked simply because you weren't working on the right wavelength and emitting the right love energy for the love you want. These are two big examples of why people try Feng Shui and wonder why it's not working for them. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. As this blog continues, I will go deeper into the complexities of a well oiled Feng Shui'd house and show you why Balance is so important to me.

Okay so freebie time-Everyone wants more money right? So let's test out my Balance technique. The Wealth and Prosperity gua is located in the SouthEast area of your home (office, boat, treehouse...etc.). This gua is governed by the Wood element. Any healthy wood object will do. You could make this area your library/reading nook and add good (happy) books here. Whatever you do pick something you love. I like happy houseplants because they grow just like I like my money to grow. Make sure if you do pick a plant that you give it the right amount of water, sun and nutrients just like you want to take good care of your money. Okay so happy plant in the SE. I have an elephant ear plant AND a fountain that runs 24/7. Water feeds Wood so I'm using what's called the Creation Process (we'll talk about the Destruction Process in more depth another day). I love the running water. It's soothing to me and I believe running splashy water is very Yang. It's active and makes a big impact; exactly what I want in my Wealth and Prosperity gua. Do NOT burn candles here. No Fire element. See that image of greenbacks being burned up....yeah, it's like that with your money.

Moving diagonally across your house you'll be in the NorthWest. This gua is called the Travel and Helpful People gua and the element is Metal. This is one of my more difficult guas and it makes sense that I have a hard time allowing or getting people to help me or finding the right people for what I need. Wouldn't you just love it if every time you needed help someone was right there? Okay so add any kind of metal object(s) to this area; a jewelry box, a wrought iron table, a birdcage, etc. Make sure you pick something you love and it's not broken or rusty. I decided to use the backyard to energize my NW gua and plant a garden using the Creation Process again. Earth feeds Metal. I plan to be very careful as my garden grows because Wood eats Earth (that's part of the Destruction Process-get it?). I also added a large border of light gray gravel (stone...Earth!) around the garden box and put a low metal fence around the edge (to keep the cats out and add metal).

Try my method and just see. It's already working for me...


*starts singing 'I want to live forever!'* Okay, okay, I'll stop the silliness...for now.

I was planning on talking about Balance today, but I've had a personal emergency that requires some Feng Shuiing. So, I'm going to blog today about the fiery Fame Gua. This gua or area is located in the South and it's element is Fire. Simply put, the Fame gua has to do with Y-O-U and how the world perceives you whether it's positive or negative. The Fame gua is more than just making you feel "famous". The gua is all about your reputation and how you are known to others. People say nice things about you...they general think nice things about you. People say bad things about you...they generally hate your guts. I am remedying my Fame gua by using Feng Shui in my home because 1) my home is where I feel most secure, 2) because my work is in a communal space that would be difficult for me to place cures without alot of explanation and eyebrow raising and 3) I have to literally use fire so I need to control the area so has not to create a hazard.

Fire used in this area should be represented by a singular flame. The flame represents you. I do this by setting one candle up in the South and burn it at least 3 hours a day. Why at least 3 hours? 3 hours is used as a guide to raise the level of Fire element for this area. Ideally, it should burn all day all night 24/7 until the offending situation passes, but realistically, 3 hours is enough time for most people to gain the benefit of this cure. I've also added a potted plant (my happy pothos) to the same area. Plants are considered Wood element and we all know Wood feeds Fire. This is how I compensate not having a fire burning 24/7. Lastly, I added a lamp. Light is considered Fire element too. One candle, one plant and one lamp. I was careful to inspect all the items that I am using to make sure I like the smell of the candle, the plant is healthy and the light is not broken. I'm very confident that this will work and the problem will stop.

Fame is not a friend of Water. Lots of people hang mirrors over fireplaces all the time. This is great for aesthetics and bouncing light around the room, but it's not very good Feng Shui if your fireplace happens to be located in the South. The same holds true when you are placing a swimming pool in the backyard--a very permanent structure. Too much water in your South will never be your friend.

Currently, I have a neighbor who has constructed a pond on the S/SW side of his yard. He's having ALOT of problems with his neighbor. They've become enemies. The neighbor, even though he loves his house, now wants to sell his house and move away. I've mentioned Feng Shuiing his home, but haven't heard anything yet.

The Proof Factor

The one off non-believer always seems to be the one who wants me to fix their house the most.

'I don't believe in anything you do or say, but if I did how can I get more money? improve my love life? get a new job?'
etc. etc. etc.

This used to puzzle me. Why, if they think Feng Shui is a bunch of rubbish, would they still want to know what they could do to create more prosperity in their lives? The best thing about Feng Shui is you don't have to believe in it's principles for it to work.

I've done many consultations for people who I've run into later and they say.

'Nothing has changed. If anything it's worse now. Can you come back and do it again?'

In many cases I've remembered their situation and a few of the suggestions I made to them and 9 times out of 10 they haven't made any of the changes I suggested. Folks, Feng Shui takes work, but the result is always better if you do it yourself. My job is to suggest and guide. I guide using a lo shu compass, natural elements, color, numerology and good ole intuition.

So, my non-believer of the day told me that Feng Shui was a bunch of rubbish, followed by a friendly roll of the eyes and a chuckle. She expressed her disbelief while I was remarking to someone else how well she had done in clearing out her space and making it feel more comfortable. I made a few more suggestions before being interrupted. Since I knew what the non-believer's space looked like I mentioned a few reasons why I thought she should change a few things in her area. Then she asked about her house and I made another suggestion. She then gave me a smile and said that she absolutely loved her house and doesn't have any problems. Which is great. Everyone should love the home they live in. Later she tracked me down to ask more questions. I then told her to talk to me when she started to feel that she was overindulging or spending too much money. I must have hit a nerve because this happens to be her problem at the moment. I'll be working on her office space on Monday morning.

The point that I'm making is it doesn't matter to me if you believe or don't believe because it's not an issue of belief. It just is like the sky is blue, the grass is green and I whistle poorly. It just is.

Spring is here!

I just smile when I think of Spring. It makes me so happy knowing that I can finally shake off the cold and this odd feeling of hibernation I've had all Winter. This was my first Winter in Oregon after moving up here last Summer and I'm finally starting to feel settled. Settled is good, but I also need to get moving if you know what I mean. With that being said, I've decided that I'll talk about good ole Spring Cleaning! Yay! ....Oh no. I've heard more groans than yays. Why is Spring Cleaning so difficult for so many of us? Why do we think of it as a chore?

I think if we all approach it differently we'll see how vital a good Spring Cleaning done every year really means. When you apply Feng Shui to Spring Cleaning big changes can happen to your life...good changes. Trust me on this. I think when we ignore purging our old unused things, we really do ourselves a disservice. When we don't stir the energy in our living space and organize our clutter, our lives remain in a perpetual loop that never goes anywhere. If the clutter is severe, our lives and our minds become rather chaotic.

If you've read this far I'm sure you're asking, 'So where do I start?' My answer to that is to pick two places in your house; one being the place you absolutely do NOT want to organize and the other being a very easy place to organize. Examples being-I absolutely do NOT want to organize the shed,  the junk drawer in the kitchen next to the refrigerator would be pretty easy for me to get organized. I absolutely do NOT want to organize the pantry, but one of the bathroom drawers would be a very easy thing for me to organize.

I would pay very close attention to the place in your house that you absolutely do NOT want to organize or that you find would be a daunting challenge for you. It's probably the very area in your life that is causing you the largest level of stagnation. Remember the whole perpetual loop thing I was talking about?

My shed is situated in the North. The Northern area in Feng Shui is ones Career and/or Life's Purpose. The element for this area is Water. I have a large wooden structure there full of my boyfriend's stuff. Cleaning and organizing this space is going to be quite a challenge for me because it's my boyfriend's. Another place I have a little control over is my son's bedroom, also situated in the North. His room is always a mess. It takes alot of coaxing for me to stay on my son to keep his room tidy. It's no wonder that I am currently struggling with my Career goals and my Life's Purpose. If I continue looking at what lies in the North, we have a dilapidated wooden deck attached to the shed that we never use and my bunny's wooden cage is there. Animals are considered Fire element. I have absolutely no water element represented in my Career gua. I have used color in my son's room to represent water by painted it a deep color of blue, but color should be used primarily to enhance Feng Shui. The element itself is the best usage.

Okay, back to spring cleaning. Start slow on the place that you do not want to organize. Extreme changes can cause a lot of things to happen in your life all at once. This may not be something you want. Purge and declutter at your pace. Tackling the easier area will give you a huge sense of satisfaction so you don't get discouraged about the larger task. Put on some tunes, get in there, declutter and have fun!

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